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First Meeting

May 29, 2011

Hello all!

Welcome to the Thing Collective blog/site/thing.

In historical Nordic and Anglo-Saxon communities a ‘thing’ was a meeting of governing and free people to talk about relevant issues.  This is our thing. We are a bunch of artist and people who want to talk about things and show each other things.  We’ll meet once a month to develop and maintain a community that is super important toward developing your personal art and life practice.  Meetings might include time to share ideas and opportunities, critique each others things, drink things, and eat snacks.

We are very excited about our first meeting!

Date: Monday May 30, 2011 (tomorrow!)

Time: 8 PM

Location: T.A.N. Coffee @ Baldwin Street

We’d love it if you could be a part of our community of emerging artists.

Check out our Facebook Group:, or back here for more information about upcoming events, etc.